What is Immunapp?

Immunapp is a developer library and a SaaS dashboard that helps Android app developers fight against rampant malware which are repackaged versions of legitimate apps.
Before Immunapp, Android developer could not block or control these malware variants made by malware authors and repackager.



Immunapp protects your mobile apps from insertion of malware, abuses and upcoming attacks.

We make sure nobody can use your existing mobile applications to inject malware into it and use it to defraud people.


The Problem

Legitimate developer have their work stolen on a daily basis and reintroduced on application markets. Unsuspecting users download these malware versions of the original app, often for free, sometime for money, and unknowingly install malware-laden version of the original application on their mobile.

This problem has caused bad reputation on unsuspecting developers and severe money loss for the users through fraudulent SMS, theft of data, money-related frauds and of course, ruined mobile device security.

Our solution

Immunapp lets the developer embed an engine that will track divergence of the application.
As soon as an unauthorized variant of the application is detected, the developer receives an alert and has the capability to block execution of the given mobile application and offer update or disinfection. This is Immunapp’s “Remote Kill Switch”.

Immunapp is not intrusive. Only the developer can choose to activate the “Remote Kill Switch” of an illegal variant of the application.

Immunapp is privacy friendly. It does not collect information on the user, it just make sure the app you’re using is genuine.



Membership and Certifications


Certified Member of TCERT – Telecom CERT

Member of ANRSI – Security research organization

Supported by NLG – Non Linear Group security startup accelerator


Who are we?

Philippe Langlois, founder of Immunapp. Founder of Qualys, INTRINsec, P1 Security, TSTF, Worldnet. Security researcher.

Xavier Martin, cofounder of Immunapp. Lead developer. Hardcore tech guru.

Jason Martin, Sales & Marketing Director. Execution maniac.

Alexia Lee, Designer. Pixel perfect passionate.


Immunapp is looking for talents!

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